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BandEd is dedicated to inspiring and delivering excellence in music education.

We are a team of expert music educators, passionate about ensuring that young people get to experience the thrill of rehearsing, recording and performing with other like-minded individuals.

Collectively, our team has taught thousands of students, and run many highly successful ensemble courses. BandEd has been built on this wealth of experience, and is the most comprehensive contemporary course available.

Our flagship program, BandEd, is a week-long contemporary music holiday course for aspiring musicians aged 9-18 (Yr 5-Yr 13). Participants must have been learning their instrument for at least 1 year. BandEd encourages and enables participants to work together, honing their skills across a variety of band-led disciplines, including rehearsing, songwriting, recording and performing. 

With centres opening in 2019 in Greenwich, Farnham and Newham, we at BandEd are excited to get teaching the young musician in your life.

Get in touch for more information about how to sign up!