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  • A full band demonstration

  • Charts & Lyrics

  • Short tutorials/tips & tricks

  • An exciting Video Playalong for each instrument (which leaves your instrument out of the mix so you're free to make it your own)

  • By leaving your instrumental tutor out of the playalong video, this also enables you to overlay your performance right into the heart of the band!

  • The opportunity to upload your performance to us for feedback 

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Inside, you'll find exciting Live Playalong Videos, Demos, Tips & Tricks and 

Music Charts for Keys/Guitar/Drums/Vocals, to songs by:


- Imagine Dragons

- Twenty One Pilots

- Billie Eilish

- Stormzy

- Doja Cat

- Linkin Park

and many more!

BandEd Courses

Example of what you'll find inside:

"Believer" for Keys Players