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BandEd's Rockin' Taster Course

The start of Spring brought great excitement to Farnham town.

With 12 eager and excited young musicians, the Weydon School music department, a group of extremely enthusiastic tutors, two great songs to learn and a gig on only the second day, our first BandEd taster course in Farnham was set to be a blast!

Day 1

The day started with some friendly introductions, a teaser about the tuck shop, and a performance by the tutor band. The first song to be played was “Can't Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. A fantastic song to learn and a great way to get everyone playing together in their first band. Some of our students had never played with other musicians before, and some were a little more experienced.

The first step was to separate into instrumental groups and learn the song. With the help of our fantastic tutors Josh, Jason, Carrie and Swan everyone had their parts down very quickly and it wasn't long before we were putting them into two bands ready for an afternoon of rehearsing. But not before a visit to the BandEd tuck shop though! With the help of our tutors the bands learned how to play, perform and interact as a group, developing skills such as teamwork, communication, social interaction, self expression, discipline and trust.

By 4 o'clock everyone was delighted at having learned and rehearsed their first song as a band. The excitement was already building for the gig the next day.

Day 2

With the atmosphere and camaraderie in the bands an absolute joy to see, we were all looking forward to Day 2. With a new song to learn and a gig to prepare for it was going to be a busy time, but the level of commitment from all the participants was thoroughly inspiring. The day's song was “Skin” by Rag'n'Bone Man. After the tutor demonstration, we studied the parts in the instrumental groups in - yet again - astonishing time. This gave more time for our students to get playing together in their bands!

They rehearsed both songs and began to make some final decisions about the songs, performance and (of course) the all-important band names. There were a few nerves prior to the gig, but as soon as everyone was on the stage you would have thought they had done it a hundred times before! Each band played both songs superbly and the interaction with the audience was incredible. In the space of just two days these young people had grown into musicians who could work together towards a common goal and really express themselves through the music. It was great to see, and during the gig you only had to look around and see the smiles on the faces of parents and family, tutors and all the children to see how music can inspire joy and togetherness.

This taster course was just a taste of what we do at BandEd. We didn't even get to the extremely popular songwriting and recording elements, which allow our young musicians to get a real insight into all aspects of the music industry!

All the students expressed how much they were looking forward to the next course already (and could we "plleeeaaase do one THIS Summer?!") This fantastic response means only one thing; we're coming back to Farnham this Summer with a full course! We're also running a full course in Greenwich (London) for those closer to the capital.

Please get in touch, visit or subscribe to our website for more details of courses in your area.

The BandEd team

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