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Why BandEd is the Best Summer Course for Young Musicians in Farnham

Farnham, just a few weeks left!

Summer is here, school is winding down and all heads are turned towards the summer holidays. The excitement for a few weeks away from school can get anyone giddy, but for those students signed up to a BandEd Course the anticipation is even higher.

Too many young musicians spend their long Summer days cooped up inside, playing on a Playstation or whatever the newest technology is. A lot enjoy a 6 week Netflix binge. Some of them occasionally do some instrumental practise, but with no immediate aim and neighbours that complain about the noise it can be hard to really get into your stride. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE a bit of Netflix, and we certainly love practising our instruments! But our students have been there and done that. They've experienced the holiday passing too quick with too little to say for it.

But this Summer they've discovered BandEd.

A whole week spent in music rooms with new friends, compatriots in making music together, having a laugh, having a goal, and delivering far beyond what they could have ever expected of themselves. Say goodbye to Summer Camps and childcare, where silly games are played and they're a bit of fun, but where the ability for parents to continue working through the holidays is the main motivator. Or even worse; where the camp is like school, and your awesome Grace or Freddie is denied a true and well-deserved break from the regular graft of academic study.

BandEd is so much more. It's a new way for young musicians to do holidays. It's a club where having fun is part of the fabric, simply unavoidable, but the true goal is to work together in bands, pushing each other forwards and entering new levels of excitement about their musical gifts and the opportunities out there.

Our students experience teamwork. Community. Rehearsing relevant and modern music as well as some classics that inspired them. Writing their own stories into song and having the opportunity to record their art and take it home. They experience the challenge of rehearsal, the reward of perseverance, the thrill of live performance, and the inspiration of our world-class tutors. The fun is just part of it.

Our tutors are active professionals in the music industry, having played with chart-topping popstars to working in their own successful bands as well as teaching, songwriting, and orchestrating for renowned artists. We've occupied all corners of the music world. We know what the industry is, and we want to share that with the next generation in a fun, accessible and inspiring way. The question is... are they ready?

Don't miss out on your chance to get on the course held at Weydon School, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8UG. Visit www.bandedcourses.com/farnham for more info,

or email us at: bandedcourses@gmail.com

Deadline for applications is Monday 29th July.

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